Being a Writer has its Perks


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Life is like a one giant novel for a writer, everyone, the family, the friends and pretty much everyone are characters including the writer himself. The writer can kill the character with a single thought of his mind and can create a characters even quickly where needed! Those ups and downs of life that affect the humanity are no more than a plot twist for them.

Secret Behind Civil Disobedience Call by Imran Khan


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Imran Khan recently announced civil disobedience against Nawaz Sharif's Govt in Pakistan. Many criticize him for this but there is the secret behind the call!

Imran Khan's Masterclass Against Nawaz Sharif That The Entire Nation Failed To Understand:
As soon as Imran Khan announced his Civil Disobedience movement the entire opposition and twitterati erupted into a tirade of jokes asking questions such as, how would PTI supporters not pay GST on milk, bread and other groceries. Or that if they wont pay the utility bills the utility services would be disconnected and so on.

However, none of these so-called intellectuals were able to understand that what this Civil Disobedience movement is aiming to do is declare Nawaz regime a dictatorial regime and hence render all foreign debts that the regime would contract as unenforceable. As, I have already explained that a debt becomes illegitimate if a) the regime that contracts it is despotic and/or dictatorial and b) it was not spent on the betterment of the nation.

Civil Disobedience Imran Khan

The Scream


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I was walking along the road with two friends – the sun was setting – suddenly the sky turned blood red – I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence – there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city – my friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety – and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.I painted this picture, painted the clouds as actual blood. The color shrieked. This became The Scream.

Soulmate By Lang Leav


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* As I always say, am not very big fan of English poetry, neither do I understand much of poetical dimensions of English, however, something just touch the strings and you love them. This is again one such piece of poetry, named Soulmate by Lang leav. Enjoy the poetry.

I don’t know how you are so familiar to me—or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as though I am remembering who you are. How every smile, every whisper brings me closer to the impossible conclusion that I have known you before, I have loved you before—in another time, a different place, some other existence.

Soulmate By Lang Leav

People Come Into Our Life For a Reason, Season or a Lifetime...


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***I am not a great fan of English Poetry, not because it isn't good enough, just because I haven't been intouch with English poetry for a long while. However, sometimes it just clicks, and this is one such poem, which just clicked. I came across this poem in one of my friend's timelines, she had just posted the title of it, and I just fell in love with it, so I had to Google, and I came across this wonderful piece of poetry. 

I hope anyone reading this would like it. Enjoy the lovely piece of poetry.

When someone is in your life for a REASON,
it is usually to meet a need you have expressed.
They have come to assist you through a difficulty;
to provide you with guidance and support;
to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.
They may seem like a godsend, and they are.
They are there for the reason you need them to be.

Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time,
this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.
Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away.
Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.
What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled; their work is done.
The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON,
because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.
They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.
Believe it. It is real. But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons;
things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.
Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person,
and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.
It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

Thank you for being a part of my life,
whether you were a reason, a season or a lifetime.

— A poem by Brian Andrew "Drew" Chalker

The Writer's Tragedy


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I've been a writer for quite some time now, and usually it's easy to write; however, there are times when words stop favoring you. They refuse to come to you, now matter how much coffee you take and however you try to cheer them up, they just refuse to come to you. In one such situation, right now, I am struggling to force the words to come back to me in the same streamline as always... It officially sucks to be in the kind of situation :/

Let's Can't Sleep Together


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You Can't Sleep?
Me Either,
Let's Can't Sleep Together...