Life goes on!


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Life just goes on!

Cambodian Minefields – Legacy Of A Dirty War


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Years ago, a renowned Psychologist named Alfred Adler pronounced war as an “organized murder and torture against our brothers”. Though it looks more of a common anti-war statement, but it literally came true in a South East Asian country, Cambodia. Cambodia spent three decade in a dirty war between the communism and capitalism. Regardless of whoever is the winner of the war, the eventual loss came in Cambodia’s fate and it suffered what can truly be called as “Bleeding” in form of vast minefields.

Back in the days of war, landmines were the first line of defense for the ground armies and that’s what caused the major issue. The landmine fields in Cambodia came into existence in two major phases. The First era was from 1975 to 1979 when Khmer Rouge was in power. To oust him, the opposing forces used landmines on a large scale. The second major event was around 1984-85, when the Vietnamese army forced the Khmer Rouge into Thailand. To stop them from coming back, they laid a massive 750 km belt of landmines. Similarly Cambodian forces also laid several landmine fields to ensure safety of urban areas.

Cambodian Minefields

After the major wars were over, the soldiers returned but the landmines remained where they were laid and have caused thousands of deaths to this day and counting. According to estimates by HALO trust, one of the world’s largest anti-landmines entities, there have been 64000 causalities due to landmines in Cambodia, since 1979. Not only the landmines fixed in wars are killing people, but there are cases in which some people stocked the mines then forgot and hence became a cause of severe damage years later.

These landmines have killed so many people, and the death rate once reached a limit where one in every 235 Cambodians was a victim of landmines. It’s because of the landmines that Cambodia has the highest number of amputees per capita. The total number of amputees stands at a 25,000, which is a massive number given the total population of 15 million.

The situation however is improving today. The casualties from landmines which were over 800 in 2005 have drastically reduced to over a 100 in 2013. With the help of national and international organizations, there is a significant progress in clearing the landmine fields. Working at this pace, according to a report of Cambodian newspaper Khmer Times, the Cambodian landmine fields will be clear by the year 2020. However, the high number of causalities including the one amputee in every 290 Cambodian is going to haunt the nation for the coming generations.

According to reports, around 20% of villages and other areas around Cambodia are not cleared and there are landmines. Around a 1000 strong forces is working under national government along with other organizations like HALO to clear the landmines. However, the financial constraints and lack of manpower for this life-risking task of demining, has slowed down the progress. The progress may be slow but is consistent; the only need of the hour is the continuation of internal stability in Cambodia, that’s the only way to save the future generations of Cambodia from further sufferings.

Saudi Arabia King Abdullah Died


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Saudi Arabia's 91-year-old King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has died, according to multiple reports. He has been king of Saudi Arabia since 2005. He was admitted in hospital some days ago.

His death is confirmed by the Crown Prince. This may perhaps trigger a lot of changes in the global policies. 

Zero Vs One


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There has been an eternal ideological battle between the mathematical "Zero" and "One". Both of these are the power digits. They have their own properties.

Zero stands for nothingness. Yet its powerful and is so powerful that it can nullify anything that try to stand in its way and change it. This "Zero-Factor" is applicable on some people, anyone who meets them are nullifies. In a male-dominated societies, men take pride in becoming the zeroes, not realizing that they are actually nullifying whatever little values someone may have.

On the contrary, there is the "One", the all humble, the originator of everything. It is said that "If there is something, there must be a one in it". One is humble, it stands for acceptance. The "One-factor" people are also there. When you meet them, they will show you mirror. They wont increase or decrease you, but just show you what you really are and it comes at the cost of the one's own existence. In the process of multiplying any digit with one, when they are multiplied, one loses their own identity.

Whenever you meet a Mr/Mrs Zero, steer cleer, unless your own value lies somewhere beyond zero in the negatives, in which case you can choose to take a new start and crash into a Zero. However, if you ever come across a Self-less One, dont miss a chance to retain them! They would come handy every now and then!


Being a Writer has its Perks


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Life is like a one giant novel for a writer, everyone, the family, the friends and pretty much everyone are characters including the writer himself. The writer can kill the character with a single thought of his mind and can create a characters even quickly where needed! Those ups and downs of life that affect the humanity are no more than a plot twist for them.

Secret Behind Civil Disobedience Call by Imran Khan


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Imran Khan recently announced civil disobedience against Nawaz Sharif's Govt in Pakistan. Many criticize him for this but there is the secret behind the call!

Imran Khan's Masterclass Against Nawaz Sharif That The Entire Nation Failed To Understand:
As soon as Imran Khan announced his Civil Disobedience movement the entire opposition and twitterati erupted into a tirade of jokes asking questions such as, how would PTI supporters not pay GST on milk, bread and other groceries. Or that if they wont pay the utility bills the utility services would be disconnected and so on.

However, none of these so-called intellectuals were able to understand that what this Civil Disobedience movement is aiming to do is declare Nawaz regime a dictatorial regime and hence render all foreign debts that the regime would contract as unenforceable. As, I have already explained that a debt becomes illegitimate if a) the regime that contracts it is despotic and/or dictatorial and b) it was not spent on the betterment of the nation.

The Scream


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I was walking along the road with two friends – the sun was setting – suddenly the sky turned blood red – I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence – there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city – my friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety – and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.I painted this picture, painted the clouds as actual blood. The color shrieked. This became The Scream.