Questioning the Existence


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What if someday computers get intelligent enough and tells us, that they were not created by humans, in fact they 'evolved' from "abacus" due to the environment, they turned into calculators to survive and then into computers and then evolved into laptops and smart phones... and that there is no creator at all, in fact, humans does not exist at all...

رقص ملال


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رقص کے لئے خوش ہونا  نہیں، رقص بسمل درد و ملال کی وجدانی کیفیت میں ہوتا ہے!

No life is long enough!


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The astrologer looked at the stars, did some calculations and predicted the life of the little boy and told him, "You are going to have a long life!". The 14 billion years old stars looked at each other and smiled, "long life!".

The 11th Story


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A writer stopped writing after his 10th story failed to do business in the market. Little did he knew that in the Divine book of destiny, his 11th story was supposed to make a history with a condition of "if he write it".

Men are actually Cabbages, at least some of them!


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Some people are like cabbages, layers after layers, curtains after curtains and there is nothing actually within! Its just one curtain hiding the curtain withing! You'll never actually find anything within!

Your Silence is the Reason...


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Your silence is the reason why its all happening! Yes, yours! Look into yourself, you know deep inside, its your silence, had you not been silent, things would have been different!

Don't think I am talking to someone else, I am talking to you, yes, the person reading this! If you do not speak up, you'll regret, you only live once! Speak up, for words are more powerful than you can imagine.

Beauty of Joseph


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When Prophet Joseph was with his brothers, he was thrown in the well,
When he was with the people of the caravan, he was sold in the slavery market,
When he reached the king of Egypt he was respected,
When he was with Zulekha (Potiphar's Wife) he was blamed for adultery and caged,
When he was in front of the ladies of the city, he made them cut their fingers
Beauty, is bound to meet its fate and finally he was the 'sun, moon and stars' prostrated before him...