The Writer's Tragedy


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I've been a writer for quite some time now, and usually it's easy to write; however, there are times when words stop favoring you. They refuse to come to you, now matter how much coffee you take and however you try to cheer them up, they just refuse to come to you. In one such situation, right now, I am struggling to force the words to come back to me in the same streamline as always... It officially sucks to be in the kind of situation :/

Let's Can't Sleep Together


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You Can't Sleep?
Me Either,
Let's Can't Sleep Together...

Power of Pen


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Keeping a desire of placelessness in your pen,
Be it 90 or 900 years, it is bound to break one day!

Taming Your Words


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Words are like the lions, harmful, dangerous and generally uncontrollable. However, if you know the art of taming them down, you can make them dance in a circus!

Enemies of a Writer


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Every writer has two enemies; the writer's block and distractions!

A Good Writing Day


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Happy Valentine's Day


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Happy Valentine's Day to all those who do not celebrate and believe in it. The others are going to have a happy one anyways!